Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cause I need it

Back in the swamp cottage after fitful trip to meet some folks. Consulted with a cop about one of my characters, other than that it was a wasted effort. Looking for cheap Viagra, most of the online sites are scams. Of course what I really need is a willing person to use it on. Spouse is one of the "too tired" people. Hence she says its okay to have an affair if I could find someone to take me and my need for a Cialas fix. Am wondering about Donnie, he's my age, of course he's wealthy and can afford all the fixes he wants, just cheat another supplier out of payment and spend the profits. I suppose that's why he has a sheepish grin. Hill is too sickly to help Bill, no wonder he dates. Guess its only a few weeks until we all get screwed, no matter which fool who a person votes for - bring on the Viagra.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just looking

So, would anyone think poorly of me if I said I was looking for a perfect nude model to be on the cover of my new book? No, I'm serious. I have a stock photo, that I may be forced to use, which is too mundane for words. My new novel is sexually explicit and will probably rock the educational boring literacy world. I doubt a library will pick it up; but Amazon will. Am looking for the perfect photo - must be black background, involve a long stem red rose if possible. Hint of face, but no front on picture. MUST BE OVER 21 YEARS OLD. Race not important, am looking for the perfect photo, payment negotiated. Interested parties post a reply to this blog, with or without attachment.

Friday, September 2, 2016

When it rains

Well, here it comes, the TS now, torrential rain. Rain coats barely suffice. Makes me think of the upcoming election. It will rain on the unsuspecting when either candidate takes the throne. Donnie will manage to screw the American public so bad he would be impeached if wasn't for his bought and paid for Congress. Hill and her emails will find obstructions so much that once again nothing will get accomplished. Saw a picture of the border of the US and Mexico and Americans crossing into the Mexican territory rushing to get away from American politics. I feel exactly the same, though I think a more desirable place in Latin America may be calling my name.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September 1 (almost)

Really dissed at myself ... said wrong thing to my granddaughter, now whole family is mad a me. Such is life for an old bard. Brain and tongue are not naturally attached. Even wife told me I should have an affair to correct my attitude - she knows without Viagra such an idea is impossible - and I'm too tight to buy any (Viagra or any woman who would give the time of day). So, I keep on keeping on. Part of my attitude has to do with the season, and the fact that a national election is about to be imposed on the public. This election has me panicked and worried. I don't like either candidate and the choice will be "which is the lesser of evil." On one hand I need to find an expat place to live, providing there's a democratic nation to come back to. The other candidate is a quagmire of troubles and my fear is fighting the other party will result in nothing getting done again. I sit and ponder these things. And have decided that the only thing good about September 1, is that it's only six and a half months till Spring.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Credit Anger

Really dissed this afternoon, just looked at my credit score. We inquired about buying a travel trailer with our credit union, not serious, just an inquiry about how much it might cost. They ran a credit check - hit my credit 15 points. Between buying my truck in December, and this spring helping son buy a car my excellent credit is now in the toilet - not from any unpaid bills, but just from credit inquiries. Thanks to Credit Karma I found all this out without receiving another credit inquiry hit. If the current GOP candidate is elected it all may be moot as he will demand gold placed at his feet as he attempts to be worshiped as an emperor. Banks and credit bureaus will close, the ATM machines fall to disrepair as they sit empty. Once again men women and children will be begging on the street because the emperor only cares for himself. Sooner or later China will claim the west coast. Saudi the east coast, and any given latin country will lay claim to the south. Hmmm, radical thought? Just wait and see. Oh, to be on the safe side, withdraw as much cash as you can and bury it in a safe in your home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Come on, really ....

Let me get this straight. A diplomat travels to a consulate, even though he was warned not to; the GOP cut back funds to security in all foreign diplomatic posts. The diplomat and others are killed, and somehow this event ranks more important than 20+ children slain, a tragic event in Orlando, the church killings in Charleston and more (should I continue?); and yet we gleefully will sell automatic weapons to any crackpot or terrorist and anyone who plans to kill us. I suppose, if the diplomat in Benghazi was selling the attackers the AK 47s or AR 15s, we would have said, they were using the weapons legally. The comedy of this Congress will go down in history as the biggest joke ever pulled on a naive population. Tell me, how much they spent on this frivolous investigation?

Monday, June 27, 2016

The GOP Choice

Okay, I've figured it out, really. The whole Donald Trump campaign is a plot by the GOP to re-run Romney. With all of the Trump haters banging the drums at the convention, Romney will ride in on a white horse to save the day. The U.S. will be caught up in the ground swell and rejoicing of their republican neighbors that Romney will be elected in a landslide. He will come in and say all the right things e.g. "We'll protect social security; we'll reform immigration rules; we'll fill out the Supreme Court; bridges will be built, highways fixed, and there'll be milk and honey in every home." Oh, another one. "Romney Care will replace Obama Care (The AFCA is almost identical to Romney Care)". Another one. "Every citizen should have right to own a weapon, but wanted criminals will be banned from purchasing AR 15s." Hillary will be left holding the bag. Maybe I'm wrong and the GOP will actually nominate the most despised man in the land (is there anyone he hasn't insulted?). Oh, Cleveland, the nuts and fruitcakes are coming; and they thought the lake was polluted now ....