Thursday, July 21, 2016

Credit Anger

Really dissed this afternoon, just looked at my credit score. We inquired about buying a travel trailer with our credit union, not serious, just an inquiry about how much it might cost. They ran a credit check - hit my credit 15 points. Between buying my truck in December, and this spring helping son buy a car my excellent credit is now in the toilet - not from any unpaid bills, but just from credit inquiries. Thanks to Credit Karma I found all this out without receiving another credit inquiry hit. If the current GOP candidate is elected it all may be moot as he will demand gold placed at his feet as he attempts to be worshiped as an emperor. Banks and credit bureaus will close, the ATM machines fall to disrepair as they sit empty. Once again men women and children will be begging on the street because the emperor only cares for himself. Sooner or later China will claim the west coast. Saudi the east coast, and any given latin country will lay claim to the south. Hmmm, radical thought? Just wait and see. Oh, to be on the safe side, withdraw as much cash as you can and bury it in a safe in your home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Come on, really ....

Let me get this straight. A diplomat travels to a consulate, even though he was warned not to; the GOP cut back funds to security in all foreign diplomatic posts. The diplomat and others are killed, and somehow this event ranks more important than 20+ children slain, a tragic event in Orlando, the church killings in Charleston and more (should I continue?); and yet we gleefully will sell automatic weapons to any crackpot or terrorist and anyone who plans to kill us. I suppose, if the diplomat in Benghazi was selling the attackers the AK 47s or AR 15s, we would have said, they were using the weapons legally. The comedy of this Congress will go down in history as the biggest joke ever pulled on a naive population. Tell me, how much they spent on this frivolous investigation?

Monday, June 27, 2016

The GOP Choice

Okay, I've figured it out, really. The whole Donald Trump campaign is a plot by the GOP to re-run Romney. With all of the Trump haters banging the drums at the convention, Romney will ride in on a white horse to save the day. The U.S. will be caught up in the ground swell and rejoicing of their republican neighbors that Romney will be elected in a landslide. He will come in and say all the right things e.g. "We'll protect social security; we'll reform immigration rules; we'll fill out the Supreme Court; bridges will be built, highways fixed, and there'll be milk and honey in every home." Oh, another one. "Romney Care will replace Obama Care (The AFCA is almost identical to Romney Care)". Another one. "Every citizen should have right to own a weapon, but wanted criminals will be banned from purchasing AR 15s." Hillary will be left holding the bag. Maybe I'm wrong and the GOP will actually nominate the most despised man in the land (is there anyone he hasn't insulted?). Oh, Cleveland, the nuts and fruitcakes are coming; and they thought the lake was polluted now ....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A look inside the tent

I have hesitated to blog anything as a result of the slaughter in Micky Mouse land; indeed my only direct comment is that it makes me sick. The political adocates on the right have done as expected and politicized the event, with only notable exceptions, and even then, each failed to cry out "enough, lets do something." The NRA ignored the event entirely and advertised on social media for sons and daughters to get dad a new gun for father's day. In truth, I have little contact with the gay community as such. Saying that, I have a number of gay friends as well as hispanic, African American, oriental, Catholic, and even a few Baptist friends. Using nothing nothing more than historic evidence = The rise in automatic gun related deaths DIRECTLY equals the repeal of the ban on automatic weapons (2005) - these deaths are brought to you by your neighbors in the GOP, orchestrated by a select group of nut cases desiring to carry out their own agendas. Oh, they may declare they are doing it for Allah, Buddha, Jesus, the YMCA or whatever their diluted minds can conjure. We even have preachers declaring their wish for people to go out and kill gays - they might as well throw in Jews - Hitler tried that one. A well known politician even preached to murder the President. Before we label every Muslim a terrorist we better look inside the tent. Well, since Bambi is so well armed I suppose we need automatic weapons, just imagine a duck being brought down in a hail of AK47 bullets. Sheesh. I have friends all over the globe and I must say, I would discourage them from coming to the cowboy nation. We have athletes and journalist refusing to go to Rio for the Olympics because of mosquito virus. However, the danger is far greater in gun carrying good ol' U.S.A. I hope the Republicans get it right this time and don't cow-cow to the NRA lobby. I know, I'm naive, but I can hope.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tico Times

For starters, today is Sunday. As a traveler I often get days confused. Recently, I have been exchanging email with a real estate agent in San Jose, Costa Rica. If the bank will let me, I plan to invest in a hideaway, and Costa Rica seems to be the right place. Costa Rica is a beautiful Latin American country located between Panama and Nicaragua; it is by far the most modern of the Latin American states and is quickly being discovered by US tourists. It is actually cheaper to fly from Atlanta to San Jose, than it is to fly from my coastal village in North Carolina to Atlanta; and by far the cheapest way to fly to San Jose, is to book a cheapie flight from the coast to Atlanta, then rebook a flight from Atlanta to San Jose. A flyer can save hundreds of dollars. Well, so much for getting there. The unsuspecting tourist will find that upon walking out the door of the airport they will suddenly be brought to their knees by the unforgiving 100% heated humidity. Expect to sweat. As soon as possible a tourist should plan to escape San Jose and head for the beach. If for nothing else, San Jose is known for good food (I know McDs, Quiznos, and others litter the streets), pickpockets, and prostitutes (as a friend says, yeah, its legal, get over it). Nearly all Ticos are beautiful and friendly people, willing to help a stranger. The place I am looking at is in the northwest corner of the State, in the mountains. When I escape there, nobody will bother me. No Walmart or Home Depot nearby, and Papa John's does not deliver to the location. Okay, so why have I given you the bawdy description of Costa Rica - well it is because the US is about to have a Constitutional crisis and a following financial melt down. Banks will close and ATM machines will darken. If a US citizen has not made preparations for the coming demise of our society they will be caught up in the whirl pool of the fall. And if the dictatorship of the far right turns the US into a theocracy with a madman at the helm; then the greatest nation will fall, chaos will reign. Ike decried the military industrial complex; and Goldwater warned us about the rise of the evangelicals in government. Canada has offered an island for US citizens escaping; Mexico may have to build a wall to keep US citizens out. My Spanish is rusty, but I think I will be a great Gringo in Tico land.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Attending yet another funeral today. Seems they are becoming more frequent. I suppose that's a factor of age. The next funeral could well be the GOP. More and more Republicans are realizing the Trump nomination is no longer a cute idea, but is now a signature of their party and will likely be the end of the GOP. The most conservative members of the Senate and Congress have declared their fear of Donald Trump; oh, they cover it up with - "he doesn't know the issues;" but, they are seriously scared of the Trump ideology. With no knowledge of foreign affairs or domestic issues, Trump bullies his way through, and otherwise solid citizens have chosen the loud mouthed, hate mongering, xenophobic, sexist, racist, homophobic, tyrannical leader. Why oh why? Cause he pushes buttons, and some good folks buy into bullcrap without thinking things through. The dems haven't done much better by posing a Washington insider with more baggage than Delta airlines. The US is preparing for a financial melt down, the tide will be great and will sweep most of us away. Which captain of the ship will guide the US through the storm? Will we choose the dictatorship formula of "the don?" Or, the Potomac pretender? I'm tired and angry about it. Democracy is made up of diverse views creating a balanced republic. When extremists take over, our system of free government ceases to exist. We've had a good run. Three centuries of bumps and bruises, you'd think we'd learn from the experience. If the US fails in the next few years I can only hope I have made enough arrangements; hidden enough gold or silver, made contacts in foreign banks; cause when the ATM machines quit and the banks bar the doors; chaos reigns, and the system of freedom slips away; it will be time to get out quickly. The hearse is leaving the funeral home, the burial plot opened; the preacher awaits as do the grave diggers, a sweet adieu dear GOP.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Back in the writer's chair

Okay, so the surgery turned out to be more than I expected. Such is life. But, I am well now and can finally sit and write. I have a novel in progress that was put on a back burner when Donald Trump was in the primaries. All I can say is "What have we done?" I mean all of us. The guy is a dangerous racist, a racist, xenophobic, sexist, self absorbed bully who wants to be a vengeful King, not the leader of the people. Now, Hilary on the other hand, is a Washington insider, who has so many fingers in so many pies she can scarcely lift a hand. Oh, she is qualified, but I'm not sure the country is ready for a left wing radical. Maybe the GOP will create a purge of the narcissist, I hope so, and perhaps the she wolf will calm her tongue, but elephants may fly first.